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I think that the richer and deeper documentation is on the web, the better off we all are.

The key to becoming both automated and meeting compliance requirements starts with the management and control of ALL of your business related documents, from Accounts Payable to HR and from Contracts to Work Orders. With these solutions you gain the ability to control who can see which documents, as well as what a user is authorized to do with the documents. There is not an industry that cannot benefit from using a Document Management solution.


Paper based storage and retrieval is very time consuming and inefficient. The cost alone of setting up files, locating information and sharing with constituents, customers and peers far exceeds the ongoing costs of running an electronic, digital document management solution.


Good Document Management practices include the automation of capturing documents from every source, including email, internally generated electronic documents and those received from FAX and hard copy mail. Using a powerful solution to capture, index and archive, greatly improves the performance and accuracy of maintaining your business records.  Add to this the ability to  easily track your retention and destruction schedules for ease of knowing when to destroy documents as well as lock documents involved in litigation is a powerful benefit.

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